Book 1: Deelind and the IceFire

Everyday Deelind works in the manor house kitchens while, unbeknownst to her, a dragon world lies hidden at its doorstep. After witnessing an extraordinary event, Deelind follows two strange boys and finds herself on a treacherous journey where she meets and melds with a baby featherlite dragon, Zara. 

The world she has entered is on the brink of war. Blackthorn is hellbent on destroying everything in his path, using twisted magic, in an effort to take the Dragon Kingdom throne for himself. While recovering from an injury in a Blackthorn attack, cut off from Zara, grieving, shocked and hurt, Deelind grapples with adapting to this new world. 

Looking for clues to her past and a missing Dragonscout, Deelind is captured by Blackthorns minions and drugged with IceFire. Deelind must find a way to escape the clutches of Blackthorn, rid herself of IceFire and reconnect with Zara. 

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Look out for Edition 2 of Deelind and the IceFire.

Deelind and the Icefire
Deelind and the IceFire

Book 2:

The good news is that the first draft of book 2 is complete! The second draft is underway and will be followed up by full editing which is booked in for January 2022. I am aiming to publish Book 2 in 2022.

The title to Book 2 will be released for Christmas 2022.

Book 3:

Even better news is that the first draft of Book 3 is complete and on hold until full editing of Book 2 is complete. Book title will be released for in 2023.